Bobby Crutchley – New British Gymnastics Performance Coach Developer

The Role of a Lifetime...

Performance Coach Developer

Wirral born Bobby Crutchley has made the switch from Men’s Hockey Head Coach at Great Britain to Performance Coach Developer at British Gymnastics.

There were certainly a few eyebrows raised when he resigned his post at Bisham Abbey with little more than two years to go before Tokyo 2020. But the lure of a new challenge will certainly be to the benefit of our top-class gymnasts with the next Olympics in mind.

Moving from one sport to another may seem a brave move to many. It’s true to say, however, a wealth of experience in team-building, managing athletes and helping individuals to reach their peak can help in any area of sport. Well versed in preparing athletes for highly pressurised sporting environments is what he does best of course.

A Glittering Career

In an illustrious playing career, Bobby won 80 caps for England and Great Britain in the 90’s, before becoming a coach at Bath University.

New Gymnastics Coaching Symposia Announced by British Gymnastics

Hosted at Lilleshall National Sports Centre

Gymnastics Coaching

Symposium to The Future

Talk to most coaches in the field of gymnastics and you won’t find many who don’t wish to develop their skills further. Clubs right across Britain have coaches they are proud to be associated with, but just like the gymnasts themselves, they need to keep on improving their game. Experience is important of course, but in the real sense – who can ‘coach the coach’?

British Gymnastics Leads the Way

Well, this is where British Gymnastics comes in with a series of specially designed symposiums offering both learning and opportunity at every turn. They’ve covered all aspects of modern day gymnastics coaching, with the clear aim of improving the vision, insight and talent of trainers from every level of the sport. In essence, 2018-2019 looks to be the best season yet in terms of bringing coaches to a whole new level.

Every single coach looking to develop themselves will be assisted through a series of weekend workshops held at the impressive Lilleshall complex offering opportunities for progression like never before. As well as facilitating networking on a superb scale, the symposia will also bring a range of industry experts to the table.

The group will also include some high-performance coaches so everyone can get a feel of what it’s like to prepare charges at the very apex of competition. You know what they say: ‘The best way to achieve success is by copying what other successful people do’.

So, with all this mind, the people at British Gymnastics have formulated an impressive structure for both young and older alike. The brief is simple enough – ‘to maximise learning and opportunity within all clubs’. This, in turn, may well produce some of the future’s top coaches. But it also carries a bottom line in the fact everyone will benefit in the long run.

A Celebration of 130 Years of British Gymnastics

Cementing the Milestone

gymnastics club software

No-one could have envisaged just how key a now historic meeting on the 21st June 1888 would become for gymnastics here in the UK. That carefully planned inaugural meeting of the British Amateur Gymnastics Association would be the catalyst for long-term growth spanning across generation after generation.

And now, in 2018, we see gymnastics clubs flourishing more than ever. Something our gymnastics club software is proud to support.

Building the Future

The aims were very clear in those early days as gymnastics was slowly beginning to gain popularity thanks to the brainchild of Germany’s Friedrich Ludwig Jahn who used the discipline to improve the health and fitness of the country’s soldiers. Here, the Army Physical Training Core took up the mantle, and the rest, as they say, is history.

But, there seemed to be a growing concern over the upholding of certain standards, the certification of coaches and the development of competitions. Britain was starting to lead the way, and so a call went out to all those interested. As the years went by the sport seemed to be dominated by not just Britain and Germany, but Sweden as well. The latter two would combine in terms of creating a gymnastics model for the future.

Making Your ClubMark


Thousands of people across the UK take enormous pride in the work and running of their own gymnastics club. You wouldn’t expect anything else of course, given that magical sense of togetherness and belonging.

A fantastic amount of work goes into the running of a gymnastics club from administrators, volunteers, coaches and gymnasts. The good news is each and every one of those organisations can be universally acknowledged, as having the right environment in which all those involved can prosper in both comfortable surroundings and complete safety.

And it’s a fact, so much more can be achieved when all those involved are pulling in the same direction.

Totally Inclusive

Both large and small clubs can currently accredit to the very popular ClubMark scheme under the umbrella of British Gymnastics. And it’s reassuring to know, the sports’ major body in Britain is continuing to work with Sport England into the foreseeable future, in order to forge a solid batch of recognised clubs.

Paul Hall MBE – A Hall of Fame

The new Head National Coach for Men's British Gymnastics.

Gymnastics club software

Britain’s New Head Coach

He has a big mantle to carry but Paul Hall MBE can shine as brightly as the sun itself in his new role as British Gymnastics Men’s Head National Coach. If that famous old rugby union commentator Bill McLaren had been passing judgement, he’d have surely said: “They’ll be dancing on the streets of Huntingdon tonight.” For Paul has been a leading light at the town’s excellent Gymnastics Club since 2003. He has lectured for the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) across the globe and was awarded an MBE for services to the sport six years ago. He is in essence, a highly respected and regarded gymnastics figure with the feel of the sport very much at his heart.

The Driving Force Within

This likeable man will be practising what he’s preached over the years, having guided Louis Smith MBE to Olympic medal success at Beijing 2008, London 2012 and then Rio four years later.

But it doesn’t end there as his expertise steered Daniel Keatings to a historic world all-around Silver in 2009. In fact, his CV reads like a successful novel, with great reading at every page turn. Two Olympic Games, eight European and five World Championships, and a host of much smaller but telling achievements.

You see, Paul Hall isn’t just about medal winners – he’s also about grassroots and those club members who simply enjoy keeping themselves fit and healthy. This is why he is, without doubt, the right and inspiring choice moving forward.

British Gymnastics is changing in a positive fashion, and given the increasing profile of the sport, any head coach needs to be dynamic and understanding in their approach. You don’t have to win an Olympic medal to furnish a personal success of course. Mind you, men’s gymnastics teams around the world will have been making a note of the competition as Tokyo gets ever nearer.

British Gymnastics Apprenticeship Programme

Apply now!

Imagine working in a job that really doesn’t feel like a job at all – a real labour of love allowing you to make a huge difference to people’s lives. And, we all know, of course, how doing something we love feels. Transform this into making a living and it takes on a whole new meaning.

The good news is, for anyone looking for a career in gymnastics, applications are now open for the visionary 2018/19 British Gymnastics Apprenticeship Programme.

The Low-Down

Even if you have no desire to be a coach, clubs up and down the land are looking for versatile managers and support staff.

The programme is looking for motivated individuals willing to learn all aspects of the gymnastics infrastructure. All the while, developing high-quality coaching and club operations. Those chosen will get first class ongoing support. And the goal, of course, is a full-time career in sport, the chance to meet some fascinating people and to enjoy the rewards of being in such a stimulating environment.

There’s much more to any gymnastics club than the coaching and work-out side of things as any manager will tell you. A number of club operations are necessary to keep things moving efficiently, and it’s very true to say every role is an important one.

Product Update – May 2018

New and Improved Admin Management Software

On the 25th of May, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) came into effect.

In short, these require organisations dealing with people’s personal data to be more transparent and provide their contacts with greater access to it.

To help clients become GDPR compliant, we have added new functionality as well as enhancing pre-existing features to accommodate the new regulations.

To see what we have been up to throughout April and May, carry on reading – all the changes we have made are detailed below as well as a glimpse at some upcoming features…

New Feature: New Ways to Delete a Contact’s Information

What’s New…

The 5th principal of the GDPR is ‘Storage Limitation’ – shortly defined, this states you can ‘only retain information for a period that is reasonable’.

So, when a person gives notice they are leaving your organisation, you need to decide what information you need to retain and for how long – need being the keyword (this is typically defined in your Privacy Notice).

Reasons to retain personal information may be for accounting, safeguarding or insurance purposes. It may be the case you need to retain some, but not all, of the information.

When deleting a person from the database, you are now given the following options:

  • Delete personal data excluding first and last name

  • Delete personal data, excluding first name, last name and email history

  • Delete personal data, excluding first name, last name, email history and log data

  • Delete all information from the system

This is how you do it:

Chronicle of a Glorious Gymnastics Career

A profile on Alex Buesnel

Alex Buesnel

It’s always a fulfilling moment when any sportsman or sportswoman looks back on a distinguished career with great satisfaction.

All those hours of training, moments of sheer elation, the frustration of disappointment, the highs and the lows. It all goes with the territory, of course – but when you’re a 10-time British disability champion, it all takes on a whole new meaning. Getting to the top is one thing and for some the apex of achievement. Remaining there for some considerable time is quite another.

Alex Buesnel is well used to the rigours of gymnastics and all the sport brings. A gymnast at Jersey Special Gymnastics Club, Alex officially hung up his hand-guards at the end of March telling the world: “I am finishing my competitive journey at what I believe to be the height of my sporting career.”

Perfect Timing

That is, of course, the perfect way to bow out – superb timing by anyone’s book. Just like our own club software – an all-round winner. And, who could blame him, having achieved all there is to achieve in the gymnastics arena?

A Dream Introduction

Alex fell in love with his sport as an eleven-year-old in 2004. Just one year later he competed in his first mainland event in Poole amazing everyone by winning three Gold medals at Level 1, and a further Gold on vault at Level 2. He did it all again in 2006 and 2007, taking three Gold medals at both Level 2 and 3 in the next two consecutive years. He moved up through the sets to level four which is the highest tier, in 2008.

It was clear early on this was an outstandingly talented individual who carried a natural affinity as a skilful gymnastics exponent.

In just his second year at the senior level, Alex secured the all-round Gold medal at his first Special Olympics National Games in Leicester. He excelled at the Special Olympics World Games in Athens, winning a Gold medal on the Floor as well as Silver on the Rings, Parallel Bars, Horizontal Bar and Bronze on the Vault. This time it was the Bronze all-round medal in his first Olympics.

The medals just kept on coming along with the accolades such as being named Jersey Sports Association for The Disabled (JSAD) Sports Personality of the Year. Alex was also one of 20 Flame carriers when he took part in the London 2012 Olympic torch relay in St Helier. Two years later he enjoyed a special reception with then Prime Minister, David Cameron,

He added: “In 2016 I qualified as a level 2 British Gymnastics coach and I have been coaching the younger gymnasts at the Jersey Special Gymnastics Club. I intend to focus now on the coaching side to assist the club by coaching twice a week. I also intend to continue with my gymnastics training twice a week in order to maintain my fitness levels to stay active and healthy.”

The Sporting Juggernaut

Nothing slowed him down at this stage, and it was no real surprise when he won a staggering seven gold medals at his third Special Olympics National Games in Sheffield. He was then chosen to perform his Horizontal Bar routine at a special gala performance to close the competition.

Given all of this, what is the greatest career achievement in his eyes? He revealed: “I think it would have to be representing Jersey in the 2017 Island Games in Gotland. I made history by being the first disability gymnast to compete in these games, helping my team to win the team silver medal. I really pushed myself in the training for the games and am very proud of what I achieved.”

The End of a Glorious Road

His final competition took place in the British Master’s event at the Echo Arena in Liverpool earlier this year. As you’d expect, Alex blazed his way to another three Gold and two Silver medals. The Disability Ambassador let no-one down.

It’s only natural this wonderfully gifted sportsman will miss the thrill of competition inside the arena with the crowd behind him. He’ll also reflect on another important aspect of his career as he explained: “I will miss representing Great Britain having previously represented in the Special Olympics at National, European and World level and have undertaken demonstrations and displays for the British Gymnastics disability squad.”

Visit a Club Near You

This highly likeable young man wants individuals to go out and find a club simply to enjoy the exhilaration of gymnastics.

His message is loud and clear: “Have fun and enjoy yourself. Work hard and show commitment! Aim to progress and go forward… never go backward! Be a good example to others.”

Alex Buesnel at just 26, is indeed a shining example of just what can be achieved with the right stuff, and a willingness to push yourself to the limit.

We can all learn a lesson from him.


Just like Alex, we aim high too. We know admin is a chore and our mission is to make the lives of gymnastics administrators easier. So, we have developed a software which typically reduces time spent on admin by 80%.

To see first-hand how our software can help you, book a free, no-obligation consultation by clicking here.

Gymnastics Club Manager GDPR Update

What We're Working On


GDPR comes into effect on the 25th of May – a date that is rapidly approaching.

With this in mind, the Gymnastics Club Manager team have been working with a certified data practitioner to ensure our system and internal processes support compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Developing enhanced functionality to help clients manage deleted contacts
  • Creating new Terms and Conditions that help clients comply with contractual obligations with Gymnastics Club Manager as their Data Processor
  • Creating a new Privacy Policy to ensure our clients’ members/contacts know what we do with their data and their rights
  • Creating a Privacy Policy template for clients to use with their members/contacts
  • Ensuring our internal processes and agreements with sub-data-processors are compliant

Quick, Easy Direct Debit Payment with Gymnastics Club Manager

Direct Debit Payment

Without regular and timely income, it is unlikely your organisation will be able to function. So, we understand how important it is that payment collection is simple, easy and quick.

With Gymnastics Club Manager, people can pre-authorise future payments, so each time money is due, it’s automatically collected, transferred to your organisation and then reconciled.

When someone pre-authorises payment, they are authorising your organisation to collect payment for them, and any other accounts linked to them (a sibling, for example), for any payment request your organisation wants paid online.

Pre-authorising payments is perfect for things such as ‘rolling’ memberships (where the subscription auto-renews), making instalment payments and smaller cash payments (to save the hassle of collecting and banking cash physically).

Debit / Credit Card or Direct Debit Payment – Which Is Right for You?

Gymnastics Club Manager uses PayPal to process Debit / Credit Card payments and GoCardless to process Direct Debits (please note – Direct Debit payment is currently only available to UK clients).

Both these payment providers support pre-authorisation.