It’s a Club Team Game

At the British TeamGym Championships


In terms of popularity, they say the North East is a hotbed of football. But in this sporting mad region, the art of gymnastics is incredibly popular too with a host of booming clubs producing some excellent exponents. It seems fitting then, the 2018 TeamGym British Championships should take place at Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne. And, as expected, the event proved to be a huge success.

Success Breeding Success

We may still be revelling in the glory of the Commonwealth Games, but the quality here was just as impressive. A variety of our best clubs took part in what was a celebration of gymnastic excellence witnessed by a bumper crowd. Mid-April saw some hard-working teams performing incredible floor routines and spectacular acrobatic moves on the trampet and vault.

As for the somersaults, they were simply breathtaking. It all added up to some dramatic action across a thrilling weekend.

No Sleeping Satellites Here


Think of gymnastics as a huge athletic universe with major clubs acting as planets. Then, imagine hundreds of small satellites orbiting around them. This, in essence, is a racy description of how 21st-century gymnastics is developing.

Managing any sports club can fire up challenges on a daily basis, but it’s never a case of it can’t be done. It WILL be done is a mantra used by those with the right stuff. Whether it be organising memberships, sorting staffing and coaching or any other of the tasks associated with gymnastics clubs, all things are possible when any negativity is jettisoned.

So, What Is A Satellite Venue?

Far from sleeping, this can be a community or youth centre, school or church hall. In fact, any small space where youngsters can go to get a taste for their chosen sport or leisure pursuit. For those living out toward the country, or a little way from a much larger venue this set up can be ideal. In short, they are an additional venue to the main club and they all carry similar features.

The Rings of Success

Courtney Tulloch - a Profile

Club Software

There’s a certain ring to the name of senior British gymnast Courtney Tulloch. Two in fact. Because this most versatile of athletes is King of what can be an unforgiving set of apparatus in the heat of competition.

Taking our own club software as an example, it’s not a question of it can’t be done – more a case of it will be done. This is precisely the way Courtney approaches the rings. But, it also requires fantastic strength and remains one of the hardest challenges to master within the sport.

The Making Of A Champion

A three-time champion, having taken the title in 2015, 2016 and 2017, Lewisham born Courtney trains at Pegasus Gym Club under coach Ionut Trandaburu. He made history less than two years ago by taking silver at the European Championships in Cluj, to become Great Britain’s first ever medal winner on rings at a major international championship.

Like all other top gymnasts, Courtney is greatly disciplined in his training – whether it be muscle and stamina building, or working on his routines.

Product Update: February – March 2018

It’s April – the clocks have rolled forward, the evenings are brighter, and now you have our latest Product Update to read.

Does life get any better?

This is one of our chunkier Product Updates and it’s filled to the brim with exciting enhancements and improvements – we’ve been working hard!

To see what we’ve been up to recently, read on…

Improved Feature: Ad-hoc Email Templates and Email Sequencing

What’s New…

As promised in our last Product Update, and in line with client feedback, we have added some major new functionality to our email capabilities, all designed to help save you admin time.

  1. Email template: You can now create email templates that can be recalled when sending ad-hoc emails to individuals and groups. This is useful for sending the same emails to different people, for example, offering a place to someone on a waiting list. Or perhaps you want to create an email template with your logo and footer so you can use it every time you send an email.
  2. Email Sequences: We’ve also added functionality so you can send a series of timed emails automatically. We call these Sequenced Emails.
  3. Recurring emails: You can now have the system send recurring emails automatically.  For example, if you wanted to send an email to your members on their birthday, you can, each year, automatically.

Sequences give you the ability to create and schedule any number of emails at dates and times of your choice.

For example, you may have an upcoming event that you want to send a sequence of reminders for. Or you might want to drip feed content to people on your waiting lists to keep them engaged.

Increased Television Coverage for Gymnastics

New television deal looks set to create exciting fan-base

Gymnastics Club Manager

When the 2018 Gymnastics World Cup was streamed live on the BBC a new era dawned for coverage of the sport. Whether it be an app, website or red button, an exciting new future awaits for fans, competitors and organisers around the gymnastics family.

This marked the beginning of a historic three-year deal between British Gymnastics and the BBC, taking in televised coverage of a long list of events. These include The Artistic Gymnastics British Championships, Rhythmic Gymnastics British Championships, Aerobics Gymnastics British Championships, Trampoline Tumbling and Double Mini Trampoline British Championships, Acrobatics Gymnastics British Championships, and of course the World Cup itself.

An Unprecedented Landmark

The package marks an unprecedented number of Championships and events and a landmark in the history of the sport. It would seem gymnastics is becoming incredibly popular and this has to act as an inspiration for those youngsters taking up the sport. In truth, the Artistic British Championships have been shown in the past, but in terms of those wider disciplines, this will provide wonderful media publicity and coverage. It will also educate those viewers who may not have fully appreciated the skills and athleticism shown by such amazingly talented athletes in the past. When club members see gymnastics generating a much bigger fan-base, this in itself will act as a spur.

Keeping on Top of Your Finances


Without money, your organisation can’t survive – fact.

Therefore, it’s important that you have a reliable system in place to keep track of your finances which also allows you to manage them with ease.

Luckily for you, Gymnastics Club Manager has the solution!

Our admin management software offers an in-depth Payment Summary Report which allows you to see headline financial information for the accounting period-to-date and take snap-shot information for a time within your accounting period.

For example, ‘How much was paid from 1st March – 31st March’.

Through the Payment Summary Report, you can access the Detailed Payment Reports:

  • Across all payment requests issued
  • By individual payment requests
  • By ticking checkboxes next to payment request descriptions in a table and selecting which type of report you wish to see.

Here are some examples of the figures we can provide you with automatically:

Total paid for activity period

This figure is made up of all payments received within the activity date range set.

New Gymnastics Season Events

Shooting for the stars


Gymnastics fireworks to light up Spring

The touch paper has been lit on the new gymnastics season meaning an array of soaring talent is about to explode into a sky-high array of colour and brilliance. And in truth, we won’t have to wait long for more fireworks, with both the British Championships, World Cup and Commonwealth Games all in the next couple of months alone. It really doesn’t get any better in terms of gripping, sometimes pacy and enthralling competition.

The British Championships

Liverpool’s Echo Arena will be the scene for some amazing feats of superhuman strength and flexibility with The British Championships being first to take off. This celebration on home soil never fails to disappoint, and often reveals the odd shooting star of the future. Between the 8th and 11th March, more ambitions will be realised.

One of the highlights of the first day will be the Espoir women’s all-around competition involving Britain’s best 12 and 13-year-olds. They’ll be firing up the stage as they compete for the coveted all-around title, where they compete on four apparatus. These include the vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. The second day sees the Men’s under 14 all-around competition. Here, gymnasts battle for all-around titles with total scores across the floor exercise, pommel, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar.

British Gymnastics Inclusion Conference

Heralding a New Era of Sporting Inclusion

British Gymnastics Inclusion Conference

Support and encouragement was the order of both days as The British Gymnastics Inclusion Conference sought to inspire club coaches and managers from across the UK. The conference on February 18th and 19th was available to anyone delivering gymnastics in a British Gymnastics recognised environment. And it was fitting the host should be the all-important Lilleshall National Sports Centre, the beating heart of the nation’s sporting body. It also demonstrated just how important a role everyone plays in the world of gymnastics, right down to those hard-working club volunteers, who do their best to help others.

Presenting the Aims

The conference was predominantly aimed at how owners and associated staff could adapt their coaching, marketing and communication to become more inclusive. The world is quickly changing and there’s no excuse for any form of bias or discrimination in life generally or in any of the sporting parameters. Focus was placed on delivering activity to participants with disabilities, and how to further engage women and girls. The topic drew nearly 40 coaches from leisure centres, clubs and official delivery partner sites. Nothing stands still in life, and this includes both the structure and implementation of sporting services for individuals of all ages.

Workshops Leading the Way

This popular event included a number of important workshops delivered by vital organisations including UK Deaf Sport, Sense and Women in Sport, the English Federation of Disability Sport, Dwarf Sports Association, British Blind Sport and many others. The expertise and advice demonstrated were of the highest quality, engaging people from various backgrounds in an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality.

How to Manage Your ‘Ego’

Article by Nick Ruddock - resident Coaching Expert


Ego – ‘a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.’

Competitive sport can brew the perfect storm for coaches and their ego’s. The truth of the matter is, we ALL have an ego. We wouldn’t be much good in competitive sport without one. But what is important is that we keep it ‘in check.’

We must remember that as coaches, our priority is to serve the needs of the athlete before addressing our own. Leading by example also sends a powerful message to those who we work with. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen athletes adopt the same characteristics and belief systems as their coach, and that isn’t a good thing if those beliefs are not conducive to both performance, and more importantly, the skills and characteristics the athlete will require once they step outside of the sport into the ‘real world.’

Being driven by ego is one such behaviour.

To be entirely transparent, let me be the first to point out that I have demonstrated most of the behaviours listed below at some stage in my career and some others too.

At times of weakness, I still do.

I can admit it, and I’m aware of it. That’s why I’m a great person to write this post.

I believe that having awareness of our ego’s and how it can drive our behaviours and decisions is a very important part of high-performance coaching, but unfortunately, many coaches never take the time to understand and manage theirs, resulting in an entire career of mistakes, poor relationships or lack of fulfilment from their craft. It could also lead to sending the wrong signals out to those around you.

If it is a necessity to satisfy your ego in order to be happy, then you will never be happy. There is always something to threaten an ego.

So here is a non-exhaustive list of coaching scenarios where ego may be evident and driving decision making, many of which are listed from personal experience. How many can you resonate with?

Complying with The Code

Gymnastics flying the flag for modern sports governance

sport england

There have been a number of sad episodes in the world of sport in recent months. This is perhaps symptomatic of the modern high-pressure world we live in, where winning results are often demanded on tap, and coaches are given little time to make an impact.

It’s reassuring then, to see British Gymnastics, one of 55 of the 58 national bodies, now fully compliant with a world-leading Code for Sports Governance. All of this followed the most wide-ranging set of sports governance reforms implemented anywhere in the world.

The move also includes a number of key aims including commitments to greater diversity, with boards employing at least 30 percent of each gender. With leadership in mind, a quarter of boards must also be made up of independent members. There should be greater transparency, so participants and fans can better understand the decision-making of their leaders. Tighter term limits need to be introduced for board and council members, to facilitate a regular freshening up of ideas and expertise, with establishing boards as the ultimate decision-making authority within a sport away from traditional councils.

In fact, a set of 58 mandatory requirements has been created for the governance of the sport across five themes. Those of structure, people, communication, integrity and policy.