The 2019 Gymnastics British Championships

Britain's Best in Liverpool

Gymnastics British Championships

Liverpool can certainly be an enlightening place at any time of the year with the love of its people creating such a warm and wonderful atmosphere. It’s little wonder then that gymnasts from across the UK, and the world, love coming to this special city.

There is in fact, a buzz already resonating across clubs up and down the land with next Spring in mind. And the reason for this? The 2019 Gymnastics British Championships, complete with total spectator participation and thrilling action, looks set to ignite the banks of the Mersey once again.

Great Sporting Arena

The Echo Liverpool Arena, of course, is home to many of gymnastics’ great competitions, and there’s little doubt that athletes love performing in this amazing venue.

Set on a World Heritage waterfront in a city steeped in sport, the 11,000 capacity arena attracts visitors from all over the world. Getting a terrific view of the action isn’t a problem with excellent facilities available for everyone including wheelchair and ambulant disabled. Its brilliant layout makes for a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all ages. You’ll get a fantastic welcome.

The Olympic Cycle

As the Olympic cycle moves on at a brisk pace, these championships will provide a telling pointer as to where our athletes are in terms of both preparation and possibilities. Tokyo 2020 will certainly be looming on the horizon by then, adding extra spice to the proceedings.

In our athletes’ preparation schedule, the Gymnastics British Championships will be crucial to their future success. The gap between long-term success and failure can be minimal, as is the way with the sport at the top level.

Looking Back

This year’s competition, of course, saw a host of home-nation gymnasts impress ahead of what proved to be an amazing Commonwealth Games on Australia’s Gold Coast.

The effervescent Amelie Morgan laid claim to a handful of medals in the Junior Section with Amy Tinkler grabbing two Silvers in the senior’s section. Both are now well known to us as genuine Olympic medal hopes. Holly Jones from Swansea was simply superb too on the vault to secure a glorious Gold, and Charlie Fellows from Park Wrekin lifted Bronze in both the all-around and floor exercises.

Versatility is the Key

You can almost feel the surge of physical power needed for a top performance on the rings. There’s the supreme grace and elegance of those gloriously engrossing floor routines to savour. Many people are surprised at the explosive surge of power and noise associated with the vault – it can be exhilarating at close quarters. And so many people are fascinated and engrossed by those incredible routines on the beam. It seems as though each athlete is literally living on the edge, and it all adds to the excitement.

This is what attracts fans of the sport, of course. Some performances will live long in the memory, and there are plenty of ‘I was there moments’. We can use phrases quite easily, but the atmosphere at this type of event really can feel electric, especially with an Olympics slowly rising above the horizon.

A Great Example

For the gymnasts, coaches and volunteers of clubs across the UK from any standard, simply watching world and European stars battle it out for prestigious British titles can be a real eye-opener. It can also inspire the next generation and provide a wonderful example of what’s required to reach the apex of the sport.

So popular is this event it’s almost guaranteed to be a sell-out, so it’s best to get your seats well in advance. You’ll soon be bursting with pride at the level and commitment shown by some of our finest young people. It’ll also demonstrate the high level of gymnastics throughout the UK, thanks to everyone supporting the sport from grassroots level upwards.

Best Seats in the House

So, remember – the 2019 Gymnastics British Championships will showcase our very best artistic gymnasts at the Echo Arena, Liverpool, from the 14th to the 17th of March.

Make sure you’re there for an experience you won’t forget in a hurry. Why not be part of something special next Spring?

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