Gymnastics Club Administrator of the Year Award – Enter Now!

Gymnastics Club Administrator of the Year

Your chance to recognise the unsung superhero who keeps your Club running seamlessly. Nominate today to win a luxury weekend away for them with £500 spending money, £1,000 for your Club and a £100 voucher for the nominator. 

Do you know someone who is an admin-star? Someone who works tirelessly, always with a smile on their face, to do the job no-one wants to do at your Club?

If so, Gymnastics Club Manager would love to hear from you because we think it’s time we recognised all those good folk who go the extra mile to keep the world of gymnastics ticking. We want to showcase the work of these amazing people and ensure they get the recognition they deserve. So we’ve created the first-ever Gymnastics Club Administrator of the Year Award.

How it Works

If you know an unsung admin-hero who deserves recognition, simply click the button below to nominate your Administrator of the Year.

You’ll need to write a brief summary of why you feel they are worthy of this award and provide a ‘supporter’ who is prepared to endorse the nomination and list their name and mobile phone number. 

Nominations close on Friday the 7th of December. The Gymnastics Club Manager team will then select a shortlist of 10 nominees who will then be submitted to an independent panel, from which the winner will be selected. The judging process may include a phone or in-person interview for the leading contenders.

The Prizes

The winning Administrator will receive a luxury admin-free weekend for two at a hotel of their choice (up to the value of £500) and £500 spending money so they can put their feet up and enjoy a well-earned rest. Plus, their nominator will receive a £100 Amazon or M&S Voucher and the Club, £1,000!

So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below to nominate your Gymnastics Club Administrator of the Year today!

Nominate your Admin Superhero today - click here!

Keeping on Top of Your Finances


Without money, your organisation can’t survive – fact.

Therefore, it’s important that you have a reliable system in place to keep track of your finances which also allows you to manage them with ease.

Luckily for you, Gymnastics Club Manager has the solution!

Our admin management software offers an in-depth Payment Summary Report which allows you to see headline financial information for the accounting period-to-date and take snap-shot information for a time within your accounting period.

For example, ‘How much was paid from 1st March – 31st March’.

Through the Payment Summary Report, you can access the Detailed Payment Reports:

  • Across all payment requests issued
  • By individual payment requests
  • By ticking checkboxes next to payment request descriptions in a table and selecting which type of report you wish to see.

Here are some examples of the figures we can provide you with automatically:

Total paid for activity period

This figure is made up of all payments received within the activity date range set.

Product Update – January 2018

Product Update

Well… What a month it’s been! We don’t know about you, but January always seems a particularly tough month to get through. Maybe it’s the bad weather we had, or maybe it’s the post-Christmas blues. Either way, it’s over now, and to kick us on into February we have our latest Product Update for you! Lucky, aren’t you?

Let’s jump straight in . . .

Improved Feature: Transaction Reports

What’s New…

We have given the Transaction Reports a complete overhaul in this Product Update to make them more granular and transparent.

When you go to Payment Reports > View Reports > View transaction reports, you will now see a new report from the 1st January 2018.

New features include:

  • The inclusion of PayOut ID so you can reconcile the transaction report to your bank statement.
  • The option to search for transaction ID.
  • The option to switch between a consolidated and itemised view.
  • VAT breakdown in the transaction fees.
  • A separate line entry for refunds.
  • A separate line entry for GoCardless chargebacks.
  • The ability to filter on PayPal or GoCardless payments.
  • The ability to filter on credits, refunds or chargebacks.
  • Improved table navigation.
  • The ability to apply advanced filtering options on the column headings.

Please note: This is in BETA mode, so any feedback is welcome.

Why it’s Better…

There are several reasons why the new report is better, as follows:

  1. PayOut ID: When GoCardless deposits funds in your organisation’s bank account, the amount is calculated by aggregating all payments due to be paid out that day. Funds are transferred under the reference of the PayOut ID (this is the number that appears on your bank statement). To help you reconcile the deposits on your bank statement to the transaction report in the system, we’ve added the field ‘PayOut ID’ in the transaction report, so now you have a clear audit from a single transaction to the aggregated deposit in your bank account.

To do the reconciliation, download your bank statement to a spreadsheet and export the transaction report from the system. Copy and paste the data from your exported file, ensuring the PayOut ID is aligned to the PayOut column in your bank statement.  Apply a filter to the spreadsheet and then sort A-Z on the PayOut ID column. Highlight that column, and if you’re using Excel, use the ‘Highlight Duplicate Data’ tool which will identify if there are any single PayOut ID’s. We’re confident there won’t be, but if there are, you now have the information to investigate.

Product Update – December 2017

New Features and Product Tweaks to our Admin Management Software

So, here it is, our latest product update! This month we’ve been working on new and updated features to reduce and simplify your admin within our admin management software. Here they are!

New Feature: Advanced Search Tool

What’s New…

We have now added an advanced search tool so you can easily query your membership database. This new feature is in BETA testing and can be found under Members > Master Membership List BETA and Members > Membership Categories.

The search criteria depend on the type of fields searched upon. As follows (pictures in order):

  • Text fields: Contains, Does not Contain, Is known, Is unknown
  • Numerical fields: Is equal to, Is not equal to, Is greater than, Is less than, Is known, Is not known
  • Date fields: Is equal to, Is before, Is after, Is between, Is known, Is unknown
  • Age field: Is equal to, Is not equal to, Is greater than, Is less than, Is known, Is unknown, As of date
  • Multiple choice: Is equal to, Is not equal to, Is known, Is not known – after selecting the criteria, you’ll be presented with the list of answers (as defined when you created the field)


Why it’s Better…

  • Searching within the system eliminates the need to export information into an Excel spreadsheet to run queries which improves your data security. It’s also more convenient and reduces time spent on admin.