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The British Gymnastics Awards 2019

It’s one of the highlights of the busy gymnastics calendar and the culmination of years of dedication for many of those involved. The British Gymnastics National Awards 2019 will be recognising all that’s great and good in the sport. And it’s of course fitting, the governing body helps pay tribute to all the wonderful people and clubs up and down the UK.

Birmingham Town Hall will provide the backdrop for what looks to be another enthralling and sociable evening bringing some very special individuals together on January 29th.

Valuable Roles

It’s a fact there are some incredibly inspirational human beings within the gymnastics family, and everyone from the athletes themselves to coaches, admin staff to volunteers, parents to organisers, have a valuable role to play. Both recognising and celebrating their achievements is always a joy to behold. Anyone nominated can feel justifiably proud their efforts have been taken into consideration, and of course, making the shortlist is a huge compliment in itself.

With all this in mind, the nominations have been officially announced, and it makes for fascinating reading. Let’s take a closer look at the lineups!

The National Club Award

This award officially recognises a club affiliated to British Gymnastics, providing a first class quality experience for all their members. It’s also a reminder of how important the feel, welcome and professionalism of a club can be.

Three clubs have been shortlisted this time, and they include AAA Sports of Sunderland, DC Gymnastics in Berwick Upon Tweed and The Pegasus Gymnastics Club based in Maidstone. Each is a club of outstanding quality with an a superb reputation and example for others to follow.

The National Volunteer Award

We’ve touched on the contribution of volunteers in the past, and this particular award recognises a volunteer over the age of 18 whose contribution to gymnastics has been invaluable. It also takes into account just how vital their work has been behind the scenes. Michael Gevaux, Sandra Crowe and Su Kileen are shortlisted on this occasion, shining lights within the gymnastics community.

The National Young Volunteer

It’s not always easy to give up your free time when there are so many things going on in our younger years. So this special award is aimed at those who provide enthusiasm in helping others enjoy the sport. Step forward Alice Elizabeth Corden, Amber Turner and Bradley Welsh. Every one a background star.

The Equality And Inclusion Award

Both diversity and equality are significant in gymnastics. As a result, the governing body has created this prestigious award for those who demonstrate these values through the delivery of a quality inclusive gymnastics programme.

It was no easy task finding the final three, but the judges arrived at Kelly Morrow from Club Gymfun and both Woking and Nuneaton Gymnastics Clubs.

The Education Award

The vital delivery of coach education is always looked upon as one of the key areas of the sport. In fact, it plays a crucial role. This is an award for people who bring excellence to the table in their own delivery.

Gary Kirby, the Pre-school Panel and Paddy (Alan) Lavelle have been shortlisted for the 2019 title.

The National Safeguarding Award

It’s already clear there are so many valuable roles within gymnastics. So many parts we can all play. And in this fast moving age, none are more important than keeping children both safe and protected. This is is why it’s totally necessary to recognise an individual who has delivered a committed and enthusiastic service to the welfare and safeguarding of the young ones.

Christine Cason, Jenni Harris and Mike Gevaux all fall into this category. Their work means parents especially can relax, safe in the knowledge their young ones will always be in a safe environment.

Recognising Gymnasts

We mustn’t forget the athletes themselves of course and there are several other awards paying tribute to a number of outstanding individuals. These include the Award of Merit, Nik Stuart Honorary Life Member, the Frank Edmonds Trophy and the Alex Strachan Trophy. Look out too for the Outstanding Coach of the Year and an award for the most outstanding athlete. There will also be inductions into the British Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

Whatever happens, people will leave the event knowing their sport is in a wonderful place, and hopefully, it will inspire everyone for the next year and long beyond.

Short-listed Nominees:

National Club Award
– AAAsports, DC Gymnastics and Pegasus Gymnastics Club

National Volunteer Award – Michael Gevaux, Sandra Crowe and Su Kileen

National Young Volunteer Award – Alice Elizabeth Corden, Amber Turner and Bradley Welsh

Equality and Inclusion Award – Kelly Morrow (ClubFUN), Nuneaton Gymnastics Club and Woking Gymnastics Club

Education Award – Gary Kirby, Paddy (Alan) Lavelle and the pre-school panel

National Safeguarding Award – Christine Cason, Jenni Harris and Mike Gevaux

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