How to Setup Classes to Collect Fees by Term or Blocks of Weeks

collect fees

Collecting in your club fees needs to be done seamlessly and efficiently, not just for your benefit, but for the parents of your members too. Here at Gymnastics Club Manager we have looked carefully at how our customers operate and the ways in which they prefer to collect member dues.

Not every club collects fees in the same way or to the same schedule, which is why we have designed our club management software to give you the flexibility to collect fees in different ways.

In the video below we show you how to setup the system to collect member fees on a term basis or by blocks of weeks. Part of this process involves setting up your classes – we do this for you as part of our free setup service when you join us.

Take a few minutes to watch the video where we will walk you through how classes are set up, how to set up the system to collect fees and other features you may find useful.

Managing your gymnastics club shouldn’t be focused more on the administration than the coaching. Gymnastics Club Manager was created to help you better manage the admin side of your club, by streamlining the membership process, making fee collections easier and more manageable, and ensuring member information is always up to date.

Take our free video tour to see all the features our software has to offer and discover how you can change the way you manage your club admin – forever.

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