Gymnastic Talent or ‘Gymmicks’?


When the gymnasts of 4G chalked up four yeses on Britain’s Got More Talent recently it posed the question: is gymnastic talent alone enough to succeed or do you need a little something extra?

Without a doubt, gymnastics is to the fore at the moment. Our be-medalled British teams are honing their difficulty levels and routines for the Olympics. The long-lists soon to be whittled down to the five men and five women on the final team heading on the road to Rio.

Game of Thrones with Crash Mats

Turn on your TV at the moment and you’ll find an altogether different set of routines. The Britain’s Got Talent format rewards the unusual and unexpected alongside the outrageous and out there. So step up the Spartans Gymnastics Club from Dunfermline with their gladiatorial take on tumbling and acrobatics. Amanda Holden described it as being like ‘Game of Thrones with crash mats.’

The eighteen young acrobats put on an awe-inspiring show delivering magnificent aerials, sensational sommies and split-second timing. The whole act though, was brought together by a canny choice of costume. Something 4G dispensed with to get similarly successful results!

4G, BGMT and 2M YouTube Hits

The boys from 4G didn’t even make it on to the main TV show but they certainly did a great job of putting it all out there for the crowd. And since the episode of BGMT was aired they have racked up more than two million YouTube views and counting. Allied to great skill and some clever choreography they wowed the audience with a well-presented, high-energy performance.

But it was when they ripped off their tops that the crowd really went wild. A brilliant gimmick and all credit to the lads for a Pecs on the P-Bars routine which left Amanda, Simon, Alesha and David in particular, purring.

James McGranaghan, entrepreneur and founder of J’amies Gymnastics Academy, is one-fourth of 4G. Like his fellow performers – Mitch Jarvis, Rob Payne and Gabriel Hannah – he’s an elite level competitor now looking to make gymnastics work for him. Whether that’s turning your hand to gymnastics coaching, setting up or managing a club or performing on TV, they have found a great niche and attracted a lot of attention.

Raising Gymnastics Appeal

If a competition judge watched the performances back the chances are they may have given the Spartans the edge for difficulty and execution. But in the end that’s not an issue. Bringing gymnastics to a wider audience is key and greater exposure – whether it’s the skilful or let’s admit purely physical – can only benefit the sport. You just have to think of a global phenomenon like Cirque Du Soleil to see what you can do by bringing together artistry and athleticism.

Now, like the gymnasts training for Brazil, it will be interesting to see how far they progress. The team at Gymnastics Club Manager wish them all, in the training hall and on TV, the very best of luck.

Good for them. Good for gymnastics.

Did you see 4G’s performance on BGMT? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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