How To Set Up Gymnastics Club Manager To Collect Monthly Class Fees

managing a gymnastics club

It goes without saying collecting fees is an integral part of managing a gymnastics club. If you are doing this monthly and collecting fees by standing order, cash, cheque or bank transfer the chances are you’re spending far more time reconciling payments (and making trips to the bank) than you need to. 

Gymnastics Club Manager offers a robust solution to end the recurring nightmare of monthly payments. Through our system you can set up monthly fees, to be collected and reconciled automatically from your members.

And because everything is held securely in the cloud, you no longer need to worry about incorrect entries, lost or missing payments.

Setting up your system to collect monthly payments is simple, as the video below explains. As part of our free system setup service, we will do this for you.

Take a few minutes to watch the video below, where we will walk you through the setup process.

Managing a gymnastics club should be all about the coaching and not the administration associated with it. Gymnastics Club Manager was created to help you achieve this, by streamlining the membership process, making fee collections easier and more manageable, and ensuring member information is always up to date.

Take our free video tour to see all the features our software has to offer and discover how you can change the way you manage your club admin – forever.

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