Using Gymnastics Club Software To Collect Fees Based On The Number Of Hours or Sessions A Gymnast Attends

Using Gymnastics Club Software To Collect Hourly Fees

In our previous videos, we showed you how to set up fee collections on a monthly class basis or by term or blocks of weeks. But if your gymnastics club charges based on the number of hours or sessions your gymnast attends a week, rolled up into a monthly fee, what then?

In our latest video, we show how this can be setup using our gymnastics club software. The video below will walk you through setting up payment tables and categories, creating classes and adding other options such as class size and moving people to a waiting list if their preferred class is full.

In case you missed our first video on setting up waiting lists, you can view it here.

We know that managing a gymnastics club can often seem like it’s all administration and very little coaching. This is why Gymnastics Club Manager was created to help you simplify the membership process, make fee collections easier and more manageable, and ensure member information is always up to date.

Why not book a FREE CONSULTATION to see all the features our software has to offer and discover how you can change the way you manage your club admin – forever.


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