Developing Your Gymnastics Club Twitter Content Strategy

In this, part #3 of our Twitter series, we will look at creating your content strategy and 5 tools to help you manage your efforts on Twitter. If you missed the previous two parts, you can read Part #1 here and Part #2 here.

As with all social media strategies, it is essential that you have a good content strategy, and whilst it’s one thing to curate and share other people’s content, to have greater influence you need to create your own content.

Creating Your Content Strategy

Spend some time thinking what your audience would want to read, share and what would make their lives easier. Then create some content pieces to help them with that. It may be a time investment, but it’s fundamental for you to serve your followers.

You may be concerned that you don’t have someone within your team who can write, create videos, podcasts or other content and if this is the case then hire in a freelancer. A good place to find those would be

Create a calendar of content that you wish to create and watch to see the reaction you get. Set up a spreadsheet to record dates, titles, the message you want to send out, any links, images and of course hashtags. Alongside each message you can record the number of reactions it receives – likes, retweets, DM’s, replies etc.

Tweak the content accordingly based on the reaction you get from your gymnastics club followers and others. You want to make sure that what you create is what your users want and need. If you’re not sure, use SurveyMonkey to ask your followers and gymnastics club members what’s important to them.

5 Twitter Tools


This is a great tool to respond to Tweets, auto schedule the publication of Tweets and manage your community. You can have your Hootsuite account set up in teams, so specific people are able to manage individual Twitter accounts, with differing responsibility levels.


Tweetdeck was originally a separate tool built independently of Twitter. Twitter than acquired it. It gives you the ability to have separate columns for multiple lists, mentions, hashtags or people that you may want to track. You can also follow Facebook mentions. 

It can run as software on your computer/ iPad so that in the background a message or notification pops up and then disappear after a few seconds. This gives you the chance to respond to it or not without being distracted from what you’re doing. This is great if you’re wanting to track your club’s name, but you don’t want to be watching or constantly checking for this.

  1. Buffer

For scheduling the publication of Tweets, Buffer enables you to set the times that you want a Tweet to be sent. It also works with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ so as a publication tool it’s ideal.

You can choose whether you share the same content on all the platforms or on individual ones, space out how frequently the messages are sent and analyse the best times to send tweets based on your past tweets. And most importantly you can keep your Buffer full of great content that people want to read.

  1. Flipboard

If you’re looking for good content to share, use Flipboard or Feedly. These give you the ability to find stories that will be relevant to your niche and therefore the interest of your followers. With both of these tools, you can automatically add this content into your Buffer Queue.

  1. ManageFlitter

There are lots of tools to attract and manage increasing your following count. For some time companies were selling software that enabled you to set up automated commands so that it followed and unfollowed people en masse.

In 2013 Twitter clamped down on this, to prevent spammers. If you want to find quicker ways to increase your follower account, without resorting to buying followers, Manage Flitter enables you to search out people based on their own follower count, interests, and location. You need to click on each individual person to follow them, but you can pay Manageflitter to do this remotely for you.

Finally, enjoy Twitter. Twitter is a great tool and way to reach people you’d never normally be able to reach. It’s a way to have your finger on what is important to people. And it’s a great way to raise the profile of your gymnastics club.

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