How Do You Manage Your Gymnastics Club Waiting Lists?

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There’s a lot to cope with when managing a gymnastics club, and keeping your member numbers healthy is probably your top priority. Adding to your talent pool can be done in a number of different ways, but the humble ‘waiting list’ will no doubt be your first port of call when space becomes available.

While you may consider your waiting list to be just that – a list, Gymnastics Club Manager offers you 3 ways to manage your list, ensuring you fill spaces in a way that best suits your club.

We have recently released 3 videos to help you navigate our waiting list tools. So let’s take a look …

Manage Your Waiting List By Age Group

Sorting your list by age group will allow you to approve the right children for the right sessions according to their age. Check out the video below to see how this works and how easy it is for you to find and approve new members for different age groups, as space becomes available.

Manage Your Waiting List By Class

You can allow people to register according to the class they prefer to attend. Our software allows you to show all available sessions on the online registration form. When a class is full the session will show ‘waiting list’ against it. Watch the video below to see this in action.


Manage Your Waiting List By Location

If your gymnastics club operates from different locations you can set up your registration form to display all your locations, as well as the classes run at each. This allows new registrants to select not only the class/age group they want but also their preferred location.


Managing waiting lists can be a headache without a robust administrative system in place. Imagine trying to sort through emails, voicemails, DM’s, spreadsheets, databases and other data files to bring in new members, to the right classes and locations? If this is you now then it is time for a change!

Gymnastics Club Manager makes it easy for you to not only add and move people to and from waiting lists but also makes it easier for new registrants to see what classes are available and where waiting lists exist.

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