Historic Olympic Announcement

Sends Paris and Los Angeles wild with delight

It’s true to say Tokyo is very much on every athlete’s mind given this new cycle is already a long way down the road.

Gymnasticsclubmanager.com has already chronicled many of the British stars who will be shining in the east. But following the IOC’s recent historic announcement, plans are also being put in place for the next decade and beyond. A special session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)in Lima, Peru, revealed a double allocation for the first time ever.

It meant both Paris, in 2024 and Los Angeles in 2028 will host the next two Olympiads. It is of course, an exciting time for both major cities, and very much welcomed by IOC President Thomas Bach who said: “Congratulations to Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028! This historic double allocation is a ‘win-win-win’ situation for the city of Paris, the city of Los Angeles and the IOC. It is hard to imagine something better. Ensuring the stability of the Olympic Games for the athletes of the world for the next 11 years is something extraordinary.”

If the joy shared by the Olympic movement was clear, you can image the scenes in both future venues? Paris of course, is one of the world’s great sporting cities, and one of the most dramatic backdrops any athlete could wish to have for such a major event. Mayor Anne Hidaglo told the media: “Today I am delighted to invite you to join the great family of Parisians, a family which belongs to the world. With this team, I am very proud and moved to bring the Games back to Paris. At the heart of these Games, we will place young people, who represent our present, our hope and our pride.” A few thousand miles away in sunny California, the Parisian counterpart Eric Garcetti added: “Bringing the Olympics back home to LA gives us the chance to imagine what our city will look like a decade from now,” said Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles. “LA is a city where the Games are not a barrier to making progress; we know that they are an accelerating force to re-envisioning a better city and a better world in the days ahead as we welcome you back to the City of Angels.”

This of course will be the third time the Olympics will have made a base in LA. The last time was in 1984 when U.S. President Ronald Reagan, officially opened the Games.  The official mascot of the Los Angeles Games was Sam the Olympic Eagle with the event logo featuring five blue, white and red stars arranged horizontally and struck through with alternating streaks, and named ‘Stars in Motion’. These were the first Summer Olympic Games under the IOC presidency of Juan Antonio Samar. Paris has previously acted as host in both 1900 and 1924.

Working Together

What particularly appealed to the organisers was the fact both cities intend to use a number of existing and temporary facilities. With the blessing of the 130th IOC Session that met in Lausanne in July, the IOC, Los Angeles, Paris and their National Olympic Committees have been working together in order to reach the agreement ratified by the IOC. The idea of a double allocation at the Olympics is nothing new, though a working group was eventually set up to look at the possibilities for both 2024 and 2028. This tripartite agreement has worked incredibly well, meaning both cities can start planning ahead. And knowing where the follow on Olympics will be held could also have hold benefits for both current and future competing athletes. Its an everybody comes out on top situation – and a double celebration for both Europe and America.

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