Product Update – December 2017

New Features and Product Tweaks to our Admin Management Software

So, here it is, our latest product update! This month we’ve been working on new and updated features to reduce and simplify your admin within our admin management software. Here they are!

New Feature: Advanced Search Tool

What’s New…

We have now added an advanced search tool so you can easily query your membership database. This new feature is in BETA testing and can be found under Members > Master Membership List BETA and Members > Membership Categories.

The search criteria depend on the type of fields searched upon. As follows (pictures in order):

  • Text fields: Contains, Does not Contain, Is known, Is unknown
  • Numerical fields: Is equal to, Is not equal to, Is greater than, Is less than, Is known, Is not known
  • Date fields: Is equal to, Is before, Is after, Is between, Is known, Is unknown
  • Age field: Is equal to, Is not equal to, Is greater than, Is less than, Is known, Is unknown, As of date
  • Multiple choice: Is equal to, Is not equal to, Is known, Is not known – after selecting the criteria, you’ll be presented with the list of answers (as defined when you created the field)


Why it’s Better…

  • Searching within the system eliminates the need to export information into an Excel spreadsheet to run queries which improves your data security. It’s also more convenient and reduces time spent on admin.

Working Examples…

  • It’s renewal time and you need to move people into the new membership categories based on their age. Simply select their age as of your given date, for example, 31st December 2017 and the system will pull back all members matching your criteria. Then, just move or copy them into the appropriate membership category.

  • Want to see a list of people who opted to volunteer when they filled out your online form? Select your volunteer field then use the criteria ‘Is known’. The system will then pull back a list of anyone who ticked one of your volunteer options


  • Want to see a list of people who you don’t have emergency contact info for? Select your emergency contact field and the search criteria ‘Not known’.



New Field: Payment Status

What’s New…

  • If you use the attendance register, you’ll be familiar with the ‘Payment Status’ field which allows you to easily see who’s paid, who’s outstanding and who’s not received a payment request. We’ve now added this field to the Members section of the site so you can search on it using our new advanced search tools. Note, the ‘Payment Status’ field is only relevant for groups (like membership categories/classes etc) that have a cost associated with them. The Payment Status is represented by coloured dots – green for paid, red for outstanding and black for no payment request generated.

Why it’s Better…

  • All the detail you want to know about payments can be found in the payment reports, but sometimes it would be nice to see who’s paid, outstanding, and importantly, who’s not had a payment request at all when you’re working in the Members section. Now you can and filter on those parameters so no one falls off the radar.

Working Example…

  • In the past, it wasn’t inconceivable that someone on your list didn’t, for whatever reason, have payment requested. Now, you can check and be sure.



New Feature: Customisable Column Headings

  • The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed in the screenshots above the table in which members appear looks different. Well, that’s because we’ve been making some major improvements to the tables.

What’s New…

Previously, we had 3 static fields in the tables on our admin management software– Name, Group name, Date added. From your feedback, we knew they weren’t always relevant, so now you have the ability to customise what appears in the table.

  • First, Click on ‘Select’ next to ‘Column Headings’


  • Next, pick and order your fields to how you want them to appear. You can save the customisation so it applies to the current table or apply the customisation to all tables.



Why it’s Better…

  • You no longer have to click on a members’ record to see information that’s important to you. You can see that info, at a glance for all people in the table.

Working Example…

  • In the screenshot below, you can see a list of fields I customised the table with. I can sort on any of the column headings too.



Improved Feature: Table Navigation

What’s new…

  • At the bottom of the new customisable table, you’ll notice new navigation options so you can jump to any point in your table. You can also set how many results you wish to appear on one page of the table.


Also, when you now ‘Select all’ people in the table, it will do exactly that (rather than just selecting people within the page you were viewing).

Why it’s better…

  • Before this change, to navigate to page 5, for example, of the table, you would need to click on each individual page on the table to get there. Now it’s more efficient – you can get there with just one click.
  • By having the ability to select all contacts in the table, you can now apply actions to everyone in bulk (as opposed to page by page, 150 members at a time). So, for example, if you need to copy 800 people from one group to another just select all and apply the action.

Working example…

  • After screening for members based on my search criteria, I now want to move them in bulk to a new membership category. We just select all members and then Copy.


Product Enhancement: Improved Optional Extras Drop-Down

What’s New…

  • When a member selects an optional extra from their payment tab it brings up a screen to select the quantity (when applicable) next to the member’s name. Previously, the drop-down selection used to read ‘Select’, however, it now reads ‘QTY’ instead.

Why it’s Better…

  • It’s more concise and makes it easier for members to understand what they’re selecting at a glance.



Communication Improvement: Notification Bar

What’s New…

  • Displayed at the top of the page when you first log in is a green notification bar. When clicked, this will direct you to a page informing you of recent enhancements, fixes and known issues.

Why it’s Better…

  • This notification bar gives real-time updates on enhancements, bugs and fixes so you’re better informed.



Layout improvement: Responsive Screens

When we first started developing the software in 2009, widescreen monitors were not wide-spread.  As such, the screen layout was not responsive to screen size. As screens have evolved, we’ve been left with lots of wasted space either side of tables forms.

What’s New…

Our screens are fully responsive

Why it’s Better…

Responsive design means you can see more of your data – perfect for our new table customisation.

Working Example…


That’s everything covered in this month’s product update. If you missed our previous update to our admin management software and would like to see what we added, click here.

Before you go, please be aware that Support will only be available via email from midday on the 22nd of December until the 2nd of January. If there are any urgent questions during this period, please state Urgent in the subject header and we will try our best to respond asap.

In the meantime, until our next update, from all the team at Pay Subs Online, we wish you the best for the coming month and happy (admin free!) holidays!


If you aren’t currently a customer of ours but want to reduce your admin, we have created a useful, free whitepaper detailing ‘Which Admin Tasks Can Be Done Quicker and Easier Online’ which we think you may enjoy reading – to download it for free, click here.

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