Product Update – Quarter 1, 2019

Product Update

Thanks to the fewer days in February, Quarter 1 always feels short – but you wouldn’t know it from all of the exciting product updates we’ve crammed in here at Gymnastics Club Manager!

To find out more about everything we’ve been up to in the last quarter, read on.

New Enhancement: Archiving Attendance History in the System

What’s New…

We have now rolled out our long-awaited feature – the functionality to store attendance history against a person’s record. Not only that, but the information is retained in the system even after the class or attendance template is deleted.

The system can now automatically archive attendance history against peoples’ records, including attendance that was recorded prior to the enhancement being rolled out.

To view the attendance history of a person’s record:

Step 1: Go to the person’s record you wish to view the history for and hover over ‘Actions’

Step 2: Select ‘View attendance history’

View Attendance History

Step 3: The page will show the attendance history for the record for all the groups they are in that have been linked to an attendance register template.

View Attendance History

Why it’s Better…

This enhancement enables you to keep important attendance information while also rationalising the number of classes and attendance register templates that are held in the system.

Tip: We recommend that you clear your browser’s cache to ensure that the newly rolled out enhancements function correctly the first time.

Please note – the system will not allow you to create a new group with the same name as a deleted group that was previously used to record attendance.

New Enhancement: Domain White Labelling

There are instances where some email providers block and bounce emails that are sent through the system. This is controlled by the recipient’s email provider. Though there are measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of this happening, it’s not always possible to make sure that they are delivered.

White labelling is a very effective way of mitigating this issue, however.

What’s New…

When emails are sent through the system, they are sent from Some email providers, such as BT internet, have very high filters, causing the emails sent from our domain to bounce and filter out.

White labelling gives our email servers permission to send emails on your behalf. This allows the recipient’s email servers and services to verify the identity of the email sender back to the domain that the sender controls. This provides a layer of email authentication that helps email delivery.

This functionality can be used if you have your own domain name. It cannot be used if your email addresses are, etc.

Please follow the steps below to setup white labelling on your account – all the tasks can be done by your webmaster if you have one:

Step 1: You need to create a sub domain for the ‘send from’ address and send us the name. This is something your webmaster will be able to do. Please send this information to us by emailing

Step 2: Our development team will configure the initial settings and send us the details for you to update in the DNS (Domain Name System).

Step 3: You then need to configure the DNS (Domain Name System) settings in the sub domain and confirm with us when done.

Step 4: Our development team will then complete the process.

Step 5: We will notify you when everything is complete as there will be a change to the settings in your account. We can then arrange a call to show you how to switch the white labelling on.

Why it’s Better…

This will reduce the instances of email delivery failure and Contacts’ will receive an email from your own domain name, rather than ours.

New Enhancement: Development Programme

We’re pleased to announce that our new Development Programme feature is now LIVE! This time-saving tool has been designed to streamline award scheme admin and help you efficiently manage structured development programmes.

What’s New…

Clients can access our pre-set Development Programmes or create their own. These will allow you to track:

  • What Levels people are working towards
  • What Skills they are working on or have completed
  • Level and Skill Achievements

Additionally, you can recommend practice/training tips to help people master their skills via the new ‘LoveGymnastics’ app.

You can set up your Development Programmes by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Development Programme’.

Once enabled, you can enrol people into the programme, either as a group (for example, ‘Contacts’ > ‘Classes’ – click into the Class and select your Contacts) or within a Contact’s individual record.

Why it’s Better…

This feature will allow you to keep track of badges and other achievements your gymnasts may have achieved.

Previously, this required the creation of a special group with a dedicated form that needed to be updated on an individual record or via a mass update. This enhancement simplifies the process and fully integrates with our new apps (detailed below). Your coaches will also be able to update peoples’ progress while coaching.

New Enhancement: Recording Reason for Absence in Attendance Record

What’s New…

When using the attendance register from a desktop, the menus for recording attendance have changed slightly. The ‘Record attendance icon’ has been replaced with an ‘Actions’ icon to record if they were present or absent, and if absent, the specific reason for their absence.

To record attendance or absence:

Step 1: From the group you are recording attendance for, select the relevant register and session.

Step 2: Using the check-boxes to the left of the table, select the relevant attendees you wish to record attendance for.

Step 3: Hover over ‘Actions’ and select the relevant attendance option you wish to allocate for the attendees selected.

Recording Reason for Absence in Attendance RecordThe attendance icon will update accordingly: a green circle for present, a red ‘+’ for sickness, a red palm tree for holiday, a red ‘x’ for other known reason and a red ‘?’ for an unknown absence.

Why it’s Better…

This enhancement enables you to quickly identify if someone was absent and the reason for their absence.

Tip: We recommend that you clear your browser’s cache to ensure that the newly rolled out enhancements function correctly the first time.

Please note – absence recorded in the system prior to the enhancement being rolled out will be marked as ‘absent for unknown reason’. You can edit this retrospectively by selecting the session and re-recording the absence for the relevant attendees.

New Enhancement: New Mobile App

What’s New…

Our brand new app, ‘LoveGymnastics’, is now available to download on Android devices from the Google Play Store and Apple devices from the App Store.

The new app will replace the old ‘PaySubsOnline’ attendance register app.

The new app is used by both contacts and administrators. Your contacts are able to keep their information up-to-date, register for events, optional extras and make payments via the app.

For administrators, the attendance register feature has been enhanced with faster load times and the ability to mark reasons for absence. Coaches are also able to record the progress of members using the app to update the following:

  • What Levels and specific Skills they are working towards and have completed
  • Things to practice
  • Achievements, and in case they fall short, what they need to work on

Please note – the PaySubsOnline attendance register app will be switched off on 08/04/19. Users will need to download the new app to continue to use the register.

Why it’s Better…

This enhancement provides a mobile interface for the different users in the system. Contacts are now able to access and manage their information and their payments via the app rather than a web-browser. It also unifies the different functions that an administrator can update via their mobile device.

We hope you find the new and improved functionality useful – we’re certain it will help make your time spent on admin quicker than ever before.

If you are an existing client and have any questions regarding the new functionality, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you aren’t currently using the Gymnastics Club Manager software but think the above functionality and enhancements (as well as a wide array of other features) could benefit your organisation, book a free, no-obligation consultation by clicking here – we’d love to talk to you!

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