How To Send Group Emails To Your Gymnastics Club Membership & Check Delivery

Sending group emails with gymnastics club manager

Does this sound familiar? You need to send out an important communication to your gymnastics club membership, via email. But, all your member email details are stored on a separate spreadsheet meaning you not only need to locate the most up to date list but also copy and paste all email addresses over to your email service.

Worse still, your current email service isn’t set up to send to hundreds of email addresses all at once. You may also have concerns over the reliability of delivery and worry that your messages may end up in the recipient’s spam folder.

The upshot is you end up copying and pasting not just email addresses, but because you need to send the email out in batches, you have to copy and paste the message too. And let’s not even mention trying to personalise every email to each member.

Setting up email communications like this is super time consuming and we are betting it’s a task you (or your administrator) dread.

With Gymnastics Club Manager you can create and send emails directly from your membership database. As the video below will show you, with our software we make it really easy, and quick, to select your recipient list (choose everyone or just specific groups/classes), create your message, add personalisation with a simple mail merge tag and send.  And if some of your members do not have an email address, you can simply print your message as a letter and post it to them instead.

The title of this post also mentions checking delivery of your emails.

How many of your members tell you they didn’t receive an email from you? How can you check if all your messages were sent, if they were opened or landed in a spam folder? With our software, we will show you how many emails were delivered, how many were opened, as well as those that bounced back or contained an invalid email address. Just watch the video below to see this in action.

Sending out club wide communications needn’t be a task to dread. Ditch the copy-paste, spreadsheet-sorting tedium and switch to Gymnastics Club Manager. Not only can we make communicating with your members a breeze, but we can help you better manage your member information, collect and reconcile class fees and make registration quick and easy for new members.

Why not book a free consultation and let us show you more?

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