Video Intro: How To Request Payment For Class Fees

Request payment for class fees with Gymnastics Club Manager

One of the best features of Gymnastics Club Manager is the ability to authorise, request and collect payments easily online – the software does all the work for you, no more collecting cash and coins before class starts.

Gymnastics Club Manager offers numerous ways to collect payment for the classes you run, as well as offering a choice of ways for members to pay. Of course, collecting fees begins with requesting payment. In the video below we walk you through how to setup your software to request payment for class fees, including sending out a request to multiple members, to individual members and applying discounts, e.g. a sibling discount. We’ll also show you how to schedule requests and set up the auto-renew feature.

If you find you are spending more time on club administration and member management, than you are coaching gymnastics, then Gymnastics Club Manager can help. Our software was created to help you better manage your members and admin.

With more than 100 tools and features, we can help you streamline your membership process, take the headache out of fee collections and ensure your member information is always up to date.

Book a free consultation here to see all the features our software has to offer and discover how you can change the way you manage your club admin – forever.

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