Ellie Downie: Back In A New Routine


Gymnast Ellie Downie

Ellie Downie is bouncing back. As the British Gymnastics Championships get into full swing all eyes will surely be on current Junior European and European Youth Olympic gymnastics vault champion Ellie Downie.

For this extra powerful athlete who specialises in the vault, is ready to reveal a new head turning routine certain to enthral fans of the sport even more.

You couldn’t help feel for the sister of Olympian and European Champion Becky Downie, as her Rio dream didn’t quite follow the script. But as all inspirational young sportswomen do, she quickly bounced back even more determined to fulfil her lofty ambitions.

Ellie takes up the story: “In Rio my competition didn’t go to plan, I think afterwards I was pretty upset by it so I just took some time off and chilled out. I went out with my friends and just had fun. Then after about a month and having been on holiday, I was ready to get back into the gym and work hard. I’ve actually really enjoyed getting back to full fitness. It was quite amusing watching me and Becky train when we first came back off holiday, as I’d never had more than a week or two off gymnastics. Having a month off on top of just doing what I wanted and not thinking about rest and recovery, was hard. However, I really enjoyed it and I am loving being back now. It’s good to come down and know how hard it is to get back, I think that needed to happen.”

Youth Olympic Gymnastics

Ellie of course landed four medals at the Youth Olympic Games three years ago, before turning senior in 2015. She celebrated the milestone by earning all round bronze medals at both British and European Championships, the first female gymnast ever to win an individual all-around medal in Europe.

One year later she added to her impressive haul by taking another all round bronze and a gold in the vault. More was to come in The World Challenge Cup event in Osijek with a superb performance in all four routines. And then she reinforced her star status claiming silver on both floor and vault, as well as helping the team to silver, at the European Championships in Berne.

From The Bottom To The Top

The Notts club member is a perfect example of how aspiring gymnasts can start at the very bottom, and work their way onto the podium through hard work, determination and a wish to really enjoy the whole sporting experience.

And how has her training been going?

“I have got a couple of new skills for 2017,” she told the media. My new vaults are coming along. We will see how they go but I will probably compete my old ones for the first few competitions. I have a couple of new connections on beam and bars too and I have a new floor routine that I am really excited to compete. It’s very different!”

And of course, the promised routine looks set to be one of the major highlights in the Liverpool Echo Arena.

As for clues she added: “My last routine was a bit different anyway, but this one, you’ll hear the music and you’ll want to look at the floor. It’s very different, often gymnasts use classical music for their floor routines and it is moving away from that a little now but I think mine is an another step even further than that. It’s definitely something the crowd will want to see!”

Ellie is without question a fine example and role model as a former Sky Sport’s Sportswoman of the Month. But she was even more proud to have been crowned’ BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year’, back in 2015.

All of those hours in the gym have helped propel her to the top of the sport, though the ex Nottingham Rushcliffe school pupil has also made many friends along the way. Very much a team player, she still has so much left to achieve.

She said: “I am hoping to be on the World and European teams this year and that’s my aim. I go into every competition with my own goals in my head but I don’t tell people as I think it applies pressure and you should just go in there and only aim to do your best. You don’t aim to win the gold medal, just go in there do your best and whatever comes out of it take the positive with the negatives. All in all, I am just really looking forward to competing this year, it’s the start of a new cycle and it’s going to be a lot of fun!”

All her skills have been quickly re-emerging, and that Rio disappointment has clearly served to make her stronger and better than ever. Ellie Downie is back in the new routine.

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